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What Affects Self-Storage Prices

Residents in UK have been relying on self-storage facilities to save their pocket from holes. It is considerably more practical to choose leasing out a unit than getting a place that could fit all your things. There are various aspects that can either drive up or lower down the price of a storage facility. Just as with real estate,the dimensions,location,and amenities are only few of the factors that can impact the pricing.

The cost of a unit can be based on the place and the need. It’s just plain economics. As the demand increases,the supply gets limited which is why it can’t be helped that the price of the facility also tends to push higher.

Cities like Manchester,Birmingham,Glasgow and of course London are some of the places where it is more recommended to lease a storage facility. It’s due to economic reasons where renting a unit is cheaper than actually finding a flat that can contain all your stuff.

Your goal on relying to self-storage is mainly to save money. That’s the reason you need to find a storage facility where your budget and price spend is optimised. You are not advised to lease a unit that’s too large or full of unnecessary conveniences as this could lead to losing big bucks.

Here are six variables which influence self-storage rates. The list will help you determine how you can find the very best unit without burning a hole into your bank accounts.


The ideal size of a storage unit depends on your requirement. A far too large facility is not recommended unless you want it to get filled with air and burn your wallet. Contrary,some units which are too little for them leaves them with things still they can not put in their unit.

You have to be certain on the size you will need. Additionally,organising your stuff will help you struggle less on transferring them into the storage.

Not only for security but as well as to minimise space,it is advised to have furniture disassembled before putting them into the unit. You might as well consider checking it personally to determine the actual size.

Various sizes are available for storage facilities. There are ones which could store the entire stuff of a six-bedroom house including furniture but also small types of unit to fit just the contents of your closet.


Those who have once purchased a real estate know it plainly that location can either raise or make itsself storage prices cheaper. Usually,the closer it is to the city is the more expensive the cost. The same logic applies to storage units. You can get a larger unit in other towns which is of the same amount of just a small unit in London.

As your goal is to save a couple of pounds,we recommend you to get a unit that is far from the cities. But that depends on your case though especially if you will always need your stuff within this week,then we advise you to get a unit closer to help save time and gas money.


It is normally higher the cost for a real estate when the population is bigger. That is in fact due to an increase in the demand. Storage rates somehow is more costly in towns that are populated of a large number of students. Sheffield,by way of instance,has higher prices when compared with non-student towns like Arbroath.

Type of Unit (Indoor or Outdoor)

Carefully contemplate on what types you prefer whether an indoor or an outdoor facility. The cost will basically depend on the types you prefer for leasing. Outdoor facilities make it easier and convenient for tenants to push up and get their things from the exterior and are also more affordable. But,certain amenities aren’t available with outdoor units such as Climate Control. On the flip side,Indoor storages tend to be higher inself storage pricing but are evidently secure. However,transferring into indoor facilities may also be an overwhelming task as you want to haul them yourself into the unit.


Storage components,as mentioned earlier,have different features such as climate control,24/7 accessibility and CCTV cameras. Each amenity provides particular use- as an instance,climate management helps protect wooden furniture and older books from moisture damage and mould. Furthermore,the 24/7 accessibility grants its tenants access to items whatever time or day it is. A CCTV camera installed on the unit,of course,will set your mind at ease of leaving your things. Each extra amenity means an additional charge to the price so make sure you get the exact type of until you need.

Duration of Stay

The number of days or months of stay can determine how much rent you need to pay. In case you would like to remain for a lengthy period of time,self-storage facilities are more than willing to give you discounts.

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