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Tips To Keep Your Brain Healthy

The brain is the operating computer for the human body. Our brain is affected by how we live our lives. We need to keep our brain healthy throughout our lifetime. Let’s look at a few tips to keep your brain healthy:

1. Brain Food

Yes, what you eat affects the health of our brain. Improve your diet by adding fresh vegetables, fruits, fish, and whole grains to your daily diet. These types of brain foods increase mental focus and lessens the approach of cognitive disorders as we age. They will also keep your brain fueled. Medical studies have proven that eating fresh foods that contain healthy omega fatty acids helps brain cells function properly. Typical brain food includes nuts, seeds, bean, avocados, salmon, blueberries, veggies, citrus fruits, and delicious dark chocolate.

2. The Brain In a Stupor

It only takes 30 seconds after our first drink of alcohol for its ingredients to reach the brain. When you drink in excess, alcohol will interfere with the chemical pathways that send the brain cell messages. For this reason your mood changes, your reflexes slow down, you have poor memory recall, and you feel off balance. Don’t abuse alcohol because there is a proven correlation between excessive drinking blocking the neurons and the chemical signals to the brain. Please remember, that alcohol can affect the brain long after you have stopped drinking. The long term effects of constant alcohol drinking create scar tissues on the brain and shrinkage of the brain.

3. Exercise the Brain

When you exercise regularly, this keeps not just the body in good shape, but also the brain. No, you don’t have to be a marathoner, just a vigorous walk, run, or a nice Samba will help your brain create new neurons (proteins). As your heart rate increases, the blood flow to the brain is also enhanced. When you exercise, the body releases dopamine and endorphins from the brain. These chemicals make you feel happy which replaces stress.

4. Is Your Brain Asleep?

We need to get plenty of sleep and rest for good brain health. When you get plenty of sleep, it gives the brain and the body time to re-coop. As we sleep, our body and brain don’t turn off, they are both regenerating. When our body and mind is at rest, the brain has time to remove toxins that built up when we were awake. Consecutive sleeping habits helps to reenergize the cells within the body and the brain. When we awake from sleep, we are restored with renewed mental energy.

5. Keep the Brain Mentally Stimulated

If you want to remain mentally sharp as you age, keep the brain stimulated. Keeping the brain active helps to protect the brain cells and helps to produce new cells. There are many activities that you can do to keep the brain in tip-top health. You can get mental stimulation by simply working a crossword puzzle, reading a book, going to social events, enrolling in school, playing computer games, and more will help keep the brain stimulated and active.And play link vào cmd368 also a good idea

6. The Brain Likes Togetherness

We are wired to be social. Granted it is challenging with COVID-19. Studies have shown that having a social life increases our brain cells to ward off dementia or other declining disorders as we age. But through social connections, the brain cells or neurons remain strong. Even during this pandemic time, stay in touch with people through social media or virtual chats, etc. Connecting with people enhances our emotional and intellectual brain stimulation which provides a slower rate of memory decline.

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