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Texas DWI Laws Bring the Pain

The Lone Star State has the reputation of standing tall. Everything’s bigger in Texas,but being on the wrong side of the Texas DWI laws will prove that the state’s DWI laws are in line with all the other 49 states,which is to say they are quite severe. In the decades before the Mad Mothers Against Drunk Drivers movement,drinking and driving were commonplace for many people.

The legal limit for drinking and driving was .10,and the penalties were not has harsh as they are today. There also was not the negative societal stigma accommodating a drunk driving arrest as there now is in society. A DWI was looked upon as a bit of a lark,and after release from a night in jail the arrestees were treated with sideways grins and general head shaking.

Times have changed. Driving drunk used to just change the lives of the victims and their families. Now,even if there is no accident,a DWI will change the life of the arrestee. Under Texas DWI laws,as in all the other states,the legal limit for driving with alcohol in one’s system is .08. This means just two afterwork drinks with friends in one hour will put a driver at risk of driving under the influence. If the driver is under the age of 21,if there is any trace of alcohol in their system,they are considered legally drunk.

Besides the initial arrest,additional penalties will slam the defendant like a ton of bricks in a glass factory. Consider a likely 180 days in jail for a first time offender combined with a fine of $2,000. After release from jail the arrestee will be sent to an alcohol education school,at their expense,and mandated AA meetings. They will also lose their driving privileges,and during the 2-year probation period they may be tested randomly for alcohol use. Texas is a big state,and Texas DWI laws put a big hurt on those willing to take their chances by breaking those laws.

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